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Mandarin fish, Synchiropus splendidus,

Leaving wet cold London and heading for a Tropical diving trip.

This trip was put together soon after a phone call with Pao. We wanted to go somewhere that is easily accessible (purely because limited time and lugging diving gears around isn’t fun) but hasn’t yet been exploited by the main stream tourism. Lembeh was the first choice but when Malapascua Island was tabled, we agreed almost instantly.

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Such a Photogenic creature

We both love the ocean. I feel calm and peaceful when I am in that blue world. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen were over the Atlantic and the Pacific. I’ve been on the scariest storm ride in Andaman sea. I was looking up at the milky way from the pitch black surface of the Red sea. There are a lot of superlative verbs to be used to describe my experience of the ocean. Diving in Bali is great because all the dive sites are really close to the resort. It’s actually because there are resorts absolutely everywhere. The third dive of the day was at the Drop off site in front of the Mimpi Tulamben. The site is renowned for the Nudibranches , GhostPipefishes and other macro stuffs. This site is much easier to access because you don’t have to walk along the boulder beach. It is literally 10m from Mimpi’s swimming pool.

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Anemone Shrimp (Periclemenes brevicarpalis)


I have heard some good stories about Bali. However, like many other places, there are tales about bad encounter or how commercialised Bali has become. These stories tend to embed themselves in to my mind far deeper than the how beautiful the Hindu temples are, especially anything related to being ripped off by hustler. It’s a natural protocol of the traveller. You don’t want to be conned or ripped off so you lister more attentively to these elaborate tricks and hopefully you won’t end up like them.

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