This trip was probably one of the longest I’ve ever taken to plan – 3 years and 1 month in total. Admittedly, it wasn’t the planning itself that was difficult. There weren’t any multiple connections or off-the-beaten track destination. It was Belgium.


Even more interesting point is this, logistically it was easier for me to travel to SE asian countries than to continental Europe eventhough it is just across the channel. Sounds crazy right? Yes, thanks to the Schengen treaty.  This means going for a short holiday for me requires bank statements, letter from employer, proof of address and 60Euro application fee. Oh, and must book an appointment at the embassy 2 months in advance.  I might be lucky enough to get a spot.  You can see the reasons why I’ve been everywhere else but Europe in recent years.


I’m here to visit a couple of friends. When I went to Marsa Alam in 2007, on a diving trip, I hooked up with a group of fellow divers from Belgium and the Netherlands and dived together throughout the whole trip. It was one of the most special and memorable trips I’ve had. Since then, Anneke and Bert has been inviting me to visit them in Belgium. Due to the reasons above, I also keep postponing it.

Underpass in Antwerpen


I had been working until 3 am on the night/morning before so I didn’t have time to sleep. Just went home and pack and took taxi straight to the station. The first day went by in a flash as I was half asleep half awake. It’s become increasing common now that sleeping and taking a trip don’t go together smoothly for me. Oh well, I’m glad to be travelling without sleep than not travelling at all.


Look at these two cute babies.


Christmas is about to get really warmed up.






Inside the Bruges Zot brewery museum.


Brugge from the roof top





Bert’s special: steamed mussels.




Old mill in Rupelmonde


One of the feature destinations of this trip is the Nemo33, the deepest pool in the world.  Since this is a reunion of our diving trip, I though I would be nice to dive together again. Unfortunately, they don’t allow anything larger than a compact camera so I didn’t bring the housing with me to take the underwater picture.

Great day for diving


The  window of the restaurant is looking into the pool where 34m pit is.


Appearantly, today is not too busy



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